15 ton soybean/sunflower/peanut oil press machine

cooking oil pressing production machine line

Cooking Oil Pressing Production Machine Line

Complete soybean oil production line including raw material pretreatment, oil pressing and oil refining. Our company have different machine suitable for all kinds of oil seeds

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peanut pre-treatment process

Peanut pre-treatment process

Cleaning & Weighing - Cracking & Dehulling - Flaking - Cooking - Pressing - Oil Residue Separation - Cooling

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benefits of oil pre-treatment

Benefits of oil pre-treatment

1. Create a good production environment; 2. Minimize the total oil loss, increase oil yield and output, also improve the quality of oil and cake meal;

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cook process cold oil press machine oil mill for sale

Cook Process Cold oil Press Machine Oil Mill For Sale

Automatic spiral oil press machine is mainly composed of electric control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filter components

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500kg hour industrial vegetable extract

500kg Hour Industrial Vegetable Extract

It is to separate the oil from oil bearing materials by the pressing power which comes from the change of chamber volume, drive from screw worm, resistance of curve teeth at press rings and extrusion friction between oil materials.

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industrial oil press

Industrial oil press

The oil press refers to a kind of device that can, by means of external mechanical force, squeezes grease from oil through raising the temperature and activating oil molecules.

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automatic high quality sunflower cold press oil machine

Automatic High Quality Sunflower Cold Press Oil Machine

The quality of the oil press is mainly determined by the level of oil yield. There are many factors for the level of oil yield. From the perspective of the oil press itself, it is mainly the pressure of the press chamber and the temperature of the press chamber

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