Automatic edible oil press machine is suitable for company, commercial and household use

  Automatic oil pressing machine is a popular oil extraction machine in edible oil production and processing market. The reason why the multi-function automatic oil pressing machine has become the choice of edible oil manufacturers and investors is precisely because of its low investment cost and high pressing efficiency.

What Is The Automatic Oil Press Machine?

Automatic oil press machine is multi-functional oil extractor that is modified and upgraded from traditional Screw Oil Press Machine. The main oil pressing process is completely automatic. Therefore, when the raw material is loaded into the machine, there are almost no other operations, it can extract oils out automatically. This type of multi-functional automatic oil extracting machine can be used to extract oils from a very wide range of plant seeds and nuts, including soybean, mustard, peanut/groundnut, sesame, palm kernel, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, coconut/copra, tea seeds, flaxseeds, and more. And, it is now very popular in the edible oil making market worldwide. Generally, the model of automatic oil press machine mainly contains feed hopper, pressing chamber, automatic electrical control cabinet, filtering equipment, etc. The biggest feature is that it is designed with automatic electric control cabinet and oil filtering equipment. In the process of using an automatic oil press  machine to squeeze edible oil, first turn on the automatic temperature control system to make the inside of the oil press machine reach a temperature suitable for oil squeezing, and then transport the oil into the pressing cage for squeezing. The squeezed edible oil is filtered by the air compressor filter, and the residue is removed to obtain pure edible oil.