Pakistan customer investigated 150TPD mustard oil machine


Our Pakistan customer visit our factory and investigated 150tpd mustard oil press plant, solvent extraction plant and oil refinery plant.
He was very satisfied with our good service and best quality products.

Mustard oil machine technology process:

The above process is mustard oil production process flow. From mustard seed to refined mustard oil.

The first workshoppreteatment and pressing workshop of mustard oil machine

Pretreatment and pressing section is the primary section for an mustard oil machine factory. In order to adjust mustard seed to the best state before pressing, this section mainly adopts cleaning, flaking, cooking etc. It is convenient for going to the following process, increasing oil yield and improve oil quality. For different oilseeds, the pretreatment and pressing technology, equipment are different, too. Our company can offer suitable proposal considering different customers’ requirements.

The second workshopSolvent extraction workshop of mustard oil machine

After pressing, we can get crude mustard oil and mustard cake. The mustard cake can be sent to solvent extraction workshop. By using the extraction way, the meal oil content will be less than 1%, and the meal is more suitable for animal feed.

The third workshopMustard oil refinery workshop of mustard oil machine

Oil refining is a way to get rid of the hatmful impurities and needless substance in the crude oil, aims at improving the oil storage stability, flavor and color. Then get standard quality edible oil or provides qualified for deep processing products.

After two days visiting, our customer signed contracted with us about 150tpd mustard oil mill project, he will send deposit within one week.